Monte Ceneri (TI), Switzerland


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Monte Ceneri (TI), Switzerland


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The Monte Ceneri-San Gottardo Base Tunnel is a railway structure consisting of two single-track tunnels with a total length of 24,600 metres. It will significantly shorten rail travel times between the main centres of German-speaking Switzerland, Ticino and Italy. The two tunnels are connected to each other by by-passes approximately every 300 metres. The excavation in rock, essentially made up of gneiss, is performed entirely with explosives.

The crossing of an important tectonic disturbance zone on the Val di Colla Line for approximately 600 meters is also planned. The progress takes place by working on four fronts simultaneously, thus creating an access window: one for ventilation and systems, operational caverns and connection and transit tunnels. The materials are disposed of via a conveyor belt which takes them from the excavation side to the external portal, where they are taken over for crushing or permanent storage.
Much of the supply takes place by rail. At the end of the construction works on the two railway
tunnels, the cladding and finishes in the access and ventilation window will be completed.