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Società Italiana per le Condotte d’Acqua 1880

Società Italiana per le Condotte d’Acqua 1880

Condotte 1880 Srl is the company of the Tiberiade Holding group, owned by a branch of the Mainetti Family, which in July 2023 acquired the core large works division of Società Italiana per Condotte d'Acqua Spa and Con.Cor.Su S.c.r.l, placed under extraordinary administration, and sought to protect the company's business and personnel.
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The Villoresi Canal

After being established in 1880 to design, build and manage hydraulic and reclamation works, Società italiana per le Condotte d’acqua provided for the construction of the Villoresi Canal. The diversion of the waters of the Ticino River was the first major work also on a European level. It took ten years to cover a total of 80 km at a cost of 16 million lira.

Colonia Marina in Chiavari

In the post-war period from 1930s to 1940s, in addition to building many aqueducts from Umbria to Sardinia and abroad, in Rhodes and Albania, Condotte stood out for the construction of prestigious buildings, designed by the best architects of the time, such as Camillo Nardi Greco who, in 1935, designed the Colonia Marina in Chiavari, considered a jewel of rationalism, the Palace of the International Film Festival and Palazzo Balbi in Venice.  

The Mont Blanc tunnel

In the following years, the company built railway tunnels, forced flow ducts, hydroelectric power plants, hundreds of aqueducts, viaducts, skyscrapers and carried out the work on the Italian side of the Mont Blanc tunnel, which involved 1500 people in three daily shifts for six years, in environments with temperatures ranging, depending on the season, from over 30°C to -20°C.  

The bridge over the Paraná River, in Argentina

In the Seventies Condotte experienced an incessant increase in the construction of major works, from aqueducts to canals, from dams to bridges, all with innovative techniques. The viaduct over the Paraná River in Argentina was one of the first ‘’cable-stayed’’ viaducts, a type of “suspension” bridge wherein the deck is supported by a number of cables (stays) anchored to support pylons (towers).  

Bandar Abbas Port Complex – Iran

In the 1980s Condotte worked on two projects abroad, the largest ever awarded by an Italian company. The ports of Sines in Portugal and that, as the leader of a group of Italian companies, of the pharaonic project of the Bandar Abbas Port Complex in Iran, wanted by the Shah of Persia in 1973, amounting to 2000 billion lire. This last work, however, turned into a big issue because Khomeini's revolution took place and the payments were not made.  

High Speed Railway, Milan-Naples routes

The High-Speed program of the Italian Railways launched by Lorenzo Necci, the then “visionary” President, involved Condotte on the Rome-Florence, Turin - Milan and Rome-Naples routes. Abroad, Condotte carried out exceptional works such as the 2.5-kilometre “cable-stayed” bridge in the USA, with a gap of the main span of 381 metres. In addition, it should be remembered the tourism development project in the Red Sea, along 230 meters of coast on the Gulf of Aquaba.  

The Mose and the Nuvola

In Venice it took part in the launch of Mose, the recently completed mega-project to defend Venice from high water. In Rome it built the new conference centre at Eur, designed by Massimiliano Fuksas, with a light body inside, the famous “Nuvola”, with articulated geometric shapes that house a main hall for 9000 seats.

People Mover, Pisa , Italy

A particular order concerned the definitive and executive design of the intervention consisting of a connection system, called “People Mover”, between the Galileo Galilei airport in Pisa and the Pisa Central railway station. Car parks and connection roads committed by the concessionaire Pisamover S.P.A. Equally significant in Sardinia is the upgrading of the Sassari-Olbia highway to 4 lanes. The order also included the Olbia link road, with related junctions on state road 131.

The Kufranja Dam in Jordan

The impressive infrastructure is located 70 km from Amman and allows the collection of 7 million m3 of rainwater in the reservoir. It consists of a barrier made of stone material with a crest length of 272 meters. The structure is covered upstream with a concrete slab to guarantee hydraulic sealing, while the downstream lining is made of rock material. The project includes a 350 meters tunnel.

Road network in Kuwait City

Vehicle underpasses, overpasses, viaducts, interchanges, and pedestrian overpasses among the works for the modernization of the roads that intersect Cairo Street, an important communication route in Kuwait. The regional network development project, commissioned by the Public Authority for Roads and Transport, also includes the diversion of services and utilities, paving, lighting, and road signs.


Great works: many skills

Condotte 1880 has major works underway in Italy and abroad, involving motorways, bridges and civil buildings, as well as projects for the construction of viaducts and subways, including participation in the consortium for the bridge over the Strait of Messina, which has become a reality, and the creation of the Citta della Salute, on the outskirts of Milan. Behind the ongoing relaunch there is proven experience in almost all construction sectors, characterized by innovation, and attention to sustainability.


Condotte Energia, founded in 2023 following the integration with Sorgente SEIN, is focused in the development and in the construction of clean energy plants (in particular photovoltaic and wind) also providing technical advisory services throughout the life cycle of individual initiatives and offering its clients strategic and operational advice to mitigate risks and maximize performance.
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